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How do you explain passion? When you work with Michigan Precision Tool and Engineering, it is not the company that you work with. It's the people.

Founded in 1983 by Edwin Sr., Ed Jr., and Tony Karasch the company has been a family business for over 30 years. All three of the founders had worked in the Machining Industry since they began their careers.

In 1983, they decided that they could do it better and more efficiently than the companies for which they worked. This was the passion and is the passion: Do It Better. Today we call this Total Quality Management.

The company was started with equipment that the family already owned to work on their hobbies. We now have eight CNC machining centers including a complement of Kitamura, Brother, and Haas CNC machines and a Zeiss CMM to assure quality.

In 1990, Edwin decided it was time to leave the business and Henry Karasch joined the business. Bringing his experience working in larger companies, Henry helped with the growth we experienced through the 1990's and now.

Now with a full compliment of CNC Machining and precision measurement equipment and the experience we can fulfill your needs and concern for quality, we will make what you need, when you need it.

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